What we do


Designed to make the everyday extraordinary.

From concept to measure, creation to final touches, we’ll guide you at every step. Your experience throughout is as important to us as your beautifully finished home - you’ll have our sharply focused attention, an unrelenting search for unique finds and a commitment to making the process stress-free and all the fun you deserve. We’re all in.

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Satisfaction by design

Refined by decades of experience, Satisfaction by Design is Motto’s system for managing not just your project, but our working relationship with you. With transparency, clear milestones, accountability and candor, our process is designed to earn the trust and confidence it takes to do truly great work.

A two-hour strategy session with Lindsay kick starts your project. We’ll take a deep dive into your creative direction, answer all your burning questions, and finish with a clearly defined project brief. We’ll cover off on all priorities and challenges, solve what we can on the spot and map out your next steps.

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