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For new construction + renovation projects.




0.1 project initiation

A brief is formed by outlining key objectives, assessing design and construction programs, and setting the intention for the project ahead. This phase includes our Design Session, where we do all the listening – we need (and want!) to understand everything about how you live, and how you want to live. Knowing your personal, family and social rituals ensures that we can design your home to fit you perfectly.

0.2 schematic design

Schematic design is designer-speak for gathering and refining ideas to develop a unique design concept (scheme) for your home. Crucially, we’ll look at maximizing liveability and use of space. We’ll also offer imagery that represents the mood of the creative direction and get into the fun stuff: selecting materials.

0.3 design development

Here you’ll see the schematic ideas translated into a visual design solution. Basically, sh*t’s getting real. We create a preliminary drawing package that clearly communicates the design intent across joinery, finishes, fixtures and lighting. Also known as: where your stuff goes and how good it looks surrounded by practical but beautiful house things.

0.4 Documentation

Here we resolve exactly how our plans will be built, through detailed drawings and digital 3D models. These become the comprehensive instructions that builders and manufacturers need. Everything’s to code, of course, and sufficient for building permits and certification.

0.5 Construction Administration

We liaise directly with builders, trades and architects. We’ll solve any issues that might crop up as construction takes place, but we’ll be on site often to keep an eye on developments and to ensure our design is coming up roses.

0.6 Furniture + Styling

At this point, the finish line is in sight and we’re ready to have some serious fun. The final stage to complete your project involves selecting project-specific items and organising custom-made beautiful things. We will, of course, ensure that your existing possessions are carefully integrated with new purchases.

More than just going shopping (although you can be sure we’ll have a great time doing that, too), here we keep everything on track for delivering up your dream home: preparing and accelerating orders, approving finishes, coordinating deliveries, and making sure everything’s where it should be.

And that’s that! Your dream home, designed to inspire.

Design fees for renovation projects start at $8,000, and range between 10% - 15% of your overall project budget.

Design fees for new construction projects start at $13,000, and range between $7 - $20 / sq ft depending on the level of detail required.

As each project requires a different level of details, we estimate each projects individually in the Design Proposal. We will assign a certain number of hours to each phase of the project, and as long as the scope of work does not change, the hours will be capped as estimated. If there is a request for additional options and rendering or change of already approved design and finishes - beyond the minor revisions including in the scope of work - the extra time/fee will be calculated and sent to client for approval prior to start. Our hourly design fee is billed at $135 / hr.


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